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How do I fit my TCT blade?

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 6:10 AM

Most of you know how to do this, but sometimes I do get asked. I have even been called out to a customer who compained his sharpened blade was burning wood - he had fitted it the wrong way round ! He had never done it before and never will again, but now I never assume you know how to do this.

Be sure your machine is maintained in perfect condition and free from bearing play. The saw blade must run true on the mandrel and be in perfect line with the fence or saw guide. Make sure that clamping flanges are clean and flat and the blade is clamped securely on the arbor. Even a small piece of dirt on a clamping flange can cause the outside cutting edge to run out of true enough to cause problems.

Keep the blade clean and free of resin. This will prevent overheating or burning of the blade body and ensure longer blade life and freer cutting.

Carbide tips are extremely hard and are also very brittle and should not be subjected to sharp blows from other hard objects. Always exercise care when handling your blade.

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