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HSS Blades - the basics

Posted on December 28, 2012 at 3:45 AM

How to get the best out of your circular HSS blades? A simple question that should be easy to answer - but it is not. There are just too many variables to make it easy. So I am going to give you the basics here.

Use a blade with the right sized teeth. Normally you want one and a half teeth in the cut at all times.

Use a coolant if the material being cut demands it.

Have the blade moving before you touch the material to be cut. No seriously - have the blade moving before you start the cut or you are going to take lumps out of your blades. Yes line up the blade on where you want to cut, but then lift it away and start it turning before you bring it back to start the cut.

Let the blade do the work. Do not force the cut. If you have bear down hard on the blade, then something is wrong.

Keep the blade sharp. It does not take long to change a blade and if you adopt the 'Just a few more cuts' mentality then you are just going to damage an expensive blade. It's not like we charge a fortune to sharpen them - We charge £8.00 for straight forward sharpening, but damage the blade and that could go up to over £30.00 !

Pass your experience on to your trainees - Teach them to use your blades or they will earn me a fortune :D

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