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Does resin build-up matter?

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 5:40 AM

Yes, it does !

Resin comes from natural timbers, especially softwoods and will stick to your routers. This is more likely to happen if surfaces are pitted or scratched, which is caused by the use of coarse wire wool or stiff brushes. Scraping with a metal blade will also cause deep scratches that allow resin to adhere.

You can use a solvent to remove resin build-up, but remember to remove any bearings before you do as the solvent will also remove the lubricant inside the bearing.

And speaking of bearings - excessive heat will cause the grease in the bearing to solidify and seize up. Adhesives can also seize router bearings, so wait until your glues are dry before you trim laminate edges.

We will normally replace damages or seized bearing during the sharpening process, but as bearing are quite expensive, try to look after them.

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