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Router Storage

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Quite often I am in a workshop and get asked to look through a box of routers to see what needs sharpening. Well, if they are all in a box banging into each other, then they all need sharpening!

Routers are made to cut wood, not bang around against other metal tools. I don't mind charging you to sharpen routers, but I would prefer it if they were looked after properly. Just get a board and drill some holes to suit your shank sizes and keep the routers in it. Make the hole slightly too big so you do not risk cutting yourself by having to pull hard getting it out. And leave enough space between each of the routers so they cannot touch and you can identify them more easily.

If you use an anti-rust spray before you put routers into storage, keep it away from the bearings as it can disolve the lubricant inside the bearing.

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