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Should I use a cutting fluid?

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 5:40 AM

The simple answer is yes if you are cutting metals. Use a good quality cutting fluid with an extreme pressure additive and it will prolong the life of your band. There are very few metals which do not require a cutting fluid and it has to be used with virtually all steel or steel alloy materials. It is generally cheaper to use water soluble fluids when cutting low carbon, low alloy or general materials. You will get improved results with neat cutting oil when cutting high carbon, high alloy or stainless steel materials.

Coolant should flow fast enough to ensure the work is kept cool and to flush swarf from the area otherwise the work piece will heat up and allow swarf to adhere to the blade causing choking and teeth to strip.

Usually it is better to dry cut cast iron. Aluminium is better cut using paraffin as a coolent in general.

Do not mix different coolants in the same machine.


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