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How can I avoid chipping?

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 6:20 AM

This is probally the second most frequent question I get asked.

A general rule that should be kept in mind when cutting with carbide tipped saw blades is that the more teeth there are on the saw blade the smoother the finish.

When absolute chip free cutting is desired on veneer or thin plywood, use a piece of scrap wood below the wood being cut. This will support the veneer/laminate as close as possible to the edge of the saw tooth.

Transparent tape along the cutting edge where the blade leaves the material will eliminate some chipping.

Make sure the clamping collars of the blade are free from dirt and sawdust. Even a small piece of dirt at the centre of the blade behind the clamps will cause lateral movement at the cutting edge that will chip work - so keep it nice and clean when you mount the blade!

Keep the blade clean

Keep the blade sharp

Choose the correct blade for the cutting application.

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