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Printer's Guillotine Cutting Sticks

Good quality printer's cutting sticks are essential if you want to get good quality cuts.  The Saw Shop only supplies high quality cutting sticks. They are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit every machine and blade material.

For most machines The Saw Shop will supply Vision Clear sticks which are designed for both HSS and TCT Blades. This means you no longer need to stock red and grey sticks if you use both types of blade.

The Saw Shop can also supply traditional red or grey sticks if you prefer.

The common ones have been listed on this site and if you do not see what you want,
or you want other colours, then please phone in for a quote - 07708 777 394


Every time the knife is changed the stick should be turned
to a clean edge or replaced.

The consumption of guillotinecutting sticks depends completely on the materials processed. The harder the materials cut, the more sticks will be consumed. The cutting stick should be turned or replaced every 800 cuts. This increases the service life of the knives and prevents the edge from notching.

The guillotine cutting stick is the counter cutting tool of the machine knife and should be made of a material which is tough, but not too hard. If the material is too soft, the knife will cut too deep. The lower sheets will not be correctly cut through. With an excessively hard material the knife will soon get dull or notched. Replacement or reversal of cutting sticks becomes necessary when the knife has dug into it up to a depth that the lowest sheets of a ream are actually torn instead of being cut.